Along with the desing and construction, quality materials are an integral part of your final board.  A good, durable edge.  A fast, longlasting base.  High strength to weight to performance matrix layers such as carbon, metal, glass and select wood.  

   At JJSB we like knowing all we work with is the best.  We are always searching for the newest and coolest materials as this is part of the evolution and where doors can open.


     JJSB uses quality Select Canadian Hard Wood.  We make our own cores with care and precision.  Your board flex has to be perfectly to spec, with no compromize.  All cores are planed with CNC machining, no faults or defects.


(7000 series Anodized Air Craft Aluminum)


     The old kid on the block!  Snowboard manufacturers have been playing around with this material for decades.  Success has been speratic, but the last decade has been the Titanal age for performance board building.  Its unique on-snow qualities are endless.  Better grip, rebound, dampening are some, but many just have to be felt.  A good quad-titan or titan-fibre construction gives the board a full bodies feel!


Composite Fibres


     Many types of fibers have been availlable  for manufacturing since the 70's.  These structural weaves have been used to make some of the worlds best performing cars and airplanes.  Right at home in the snowboard industry, we challenge these marvels of engineering to applications never thought possible.  When considering how much abuse and deflexion we give our boards, fibres will always be part of this sport. It's not just a pretty face, they're always evolving, always performing.

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