This is everyone’s board!  A high performance, forgiving ride.  Mounted with the Jasey-Jay interface system, this board will go through anything.  From chop to groomers, the Molina is a dream come true for anyone from a speed freak to freecarver.  The Carbon/Glass construction gives this board all the flex latitude you want, good grip with great release out of the turns, without getting bounced around.  It’s availlable in most sizes and it’s also the best bang for your buck!





     The Cypress was born in 2010 for the OWG.  The need to be a step ahead of everyone else.  A board that was compatible with the interface system designed by Jasey-Jay.  A unique flex pattern that could allow a freeflexing snowboard system to work flawlessly in unison with the board.  Commonly called a snowboard “plate”, needed an especially aggressive host.  The combination of a rigorous development program and over 20 years of world cup riding…  Cypress!  Our ultra dense “snap” core, Titanal, carbon, Dura Jet base and VAS construction is unparalleled on the slopes.  The forever evolving alpine snowboard gives the best energy return on ice and grippy man made snow conditions, charge it hard and the Cypress will bite it’s way to victory.




     The highest technology snowboard on the market!  Clear is the culmination of 15 years of development.  Our quad-metal construction is the smoothest high performance feeling you can get.  In keeping it’s suprisingly light weight, Clear takes the feeling of Titanal one step further.  The exceptional deflexion and rebound properties offered by this spaceage metal is what everybody is looking for.  Made with our lightest Canadian wood core, lightest vibration absorbtion and an ultra durable Dura Jet base, It sounds like an F1 car and rides like one too.  Clear offers unbelievable dampness and grip even on the most challenging surfaces.  Clear is unparalleled in strength, maneuverability and precision.


Cypress-Z and Clear-Z


     We went a step further…  By adding carbon reinforcements to the Quad-Metal and Carbon-Metal construction we made the best boards better.  More development, more grip, more energy and keeping the same flex. Believe it or not this new technology makes the board turn more with less effort.  The Cypress-Z and Clear-Z come with our fastest ISO base material.  Wear a helmet because this will blow your mind!!!

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