Jasey-Jay Anderson founded the company in 2010 after a grueling decade of development through industry partners.  Always searching for new technology and better understanding of the different facets of performance snowboarding, JJ starts a new chapter in this ever evolving sport;  Jasey-Jay Snowboards.

     The company is founded on the principals that the human body is only limited by its environment and the tools available.  Having lived this through 5 Olympic cycles and 27 years of snowboard exploration, JJ’s obsessive need to further the sports accessibility to the passionate continues with unprecedented technology.  New systems and constructions developed to allow better ease and performance from freeriding to hard core racing.  From customizable to ready to ride setups, your imagination has no limitation.  We develop for companies as well as individuals, as much as you can dream it we can build it.  

     The marking point in JJ’s innovative path was during the creation of his Vancouver 2010 interface plate.  In the hunt for reaching his full potential, development of this unique system allowed him to guaranty an Olympic gold medal.  Coming into the race with the confidence that his board was able to absorb as well as propel him faster than others, results were imminent.  Since the conception of JJSB, every snowboard and plate system has been perfected beyond comprehension.  From Carbon/Glass to Quad Metals, any product we have will take your riding to the next level.  Carving on softboots, hardboots, ice, manmade or powder, we provide the ride you dream of.  Performance is our only criteria, our knowledge makes us unique!

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