JJSB can offer you a wide variety of constructions depending on the properties you're looking for.  Weight, comfort, performance, racing, freeriding, backcountry, 

We custom emboss your board with the model name you chose.

All boards come with our unique Matte Black finish with tip and tail logos.

All our boards come with the JJSB carving "j's" in the nose.  

Individualize your board with Custom Die Cuts.  Get  your name, kids name, pets name,  company name or any funny shape you can imagine!  It's your board so let people know it.

You just can’t put your finger on the right set up?  Let us make you exactly what you want!  Give us the following specs and feel free to add anything you feel you need.



Effective Length:

Sidecut Radius:

Waist Width


Top sheet emboss:

Base Die Cut:

Construction:  TBD

Flex:  TBD


Snowboarding can be a head scratching sport when you consider all the different facets and disciplines that have evolved through the years.  We like making sense of this because we love challenges and we love snowboarding!


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