In all racing you want to know the advantage is in your hands.  You want to know your ride has the fastest base, the most energy (pop), the strongest construction, the most comfort in feel at all the features you hit.  Our cross lineup has the best of everything... and you can adjust it!





The new carbon/glass hybrid is the lightest construction we make.  An energetic feel on snow, stable and snappy, this is the best Freeride/BX board combo.   The CBX has a fast shape for gliding hard pack or floating deep powder.   Carving with soft boots has become too easy!






Evolution in performance has found no limits.  The TBX is the cutting edge in soft boot at the highest level.  The perfect blend of aggressive and forgiving.   There has never been a board that gives the rider so much control.   As you push, more the board will hold.   If you’re having a chill day, the TBX is best friends with Marley!  Our new LR technology allows for any type of riding to shine.  The snowboard adapts to you!  All you have to do is chose your size.  Ultra light and snappy core, Titanal, carbon and vibration absortion construction.  



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